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We are MailChime’s developer and marketer. The Mail Chime was designed in the USA and is made instate-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Taiwan. We are proudly USA based engineering and 85%+ of our product costs come from components made in the USA. Originally the Mail Chime(model 1200)was created to provide a device that tells people when their mail is delivered. It is ideal for those who like to know the minute their mail arrives, as well as those who have health conditions that make walking to their mailbox difficult. Mail Chime has proved a track record for the quality products over 20 years, since 2004

Mail Chime

Tells You When Your Mail is Delivered

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I love it. I am 82 years old and the last thing I need are unnecessary trips to the mail box, even though I take my golf cart. In the winter time I feel I will really appreciate it. I have 2 neighbors also interested.
-Billie, Waterford, MI
I've gambled and ordered a Mail Chime. It arrived today and it's been installed ... and it works perfectly!!!!!! It is the best thing that I've owned in a very long time!!!!!!! Thank you so much for making life simpler! Happy
The mail here is so bad you don't know when it's coming. 10 am one day and 5:30 pm the next. We also have mail theft. This Mail Chime is GREAT, now when the light comes on I go get the mail. Thanks.
-Joseph, Amarillo, TX
I bought this product for my elderly dad. He would have to make several trips a day to the mailbox to see if his mail had been delivered. This product saves him all of those wasted trips. It works great and he loves it. The perfect gift!!
-Terrie, Springfield, MO