Q: What is the normal life of the battery?
                                A: Between two and five years.

                                Q: Where can I buy a battery?
                                A: Drug stores such as Walgreen's, and battery stores.

                                Q: What is the size of the battery?
                                A: 12 volt, A23.

                                Q: What is the warranty?
                                A: See Warranty.

                                Q: Can I turn off the volume and only use the light?
                                A: Yes.

                                Q: Where is the product made?
                                A: It is a US design. It is manufactured in Taiwan, along with some component parts made in the US.

                                Q: If my neighbor buys a Mail Chime, will it interfere with mine?
                                A: There is only one chance in 500,000 that it would. And, if it did, we would replace one of the units.