Testimonials for MAIL CHIME


I've gambled and ordered a Mail Chime. It arrived today and it's been installed ... and it works perfectly!!!!!! It is the best thing that I've owned in a very long time!!!!!!! Thank you so much for making life simpler! Happy Holidays!-Audra

Purchased for a neighbor with limited mobility. Now she does not have to make unnecessary trips to her mail box. I also have one in my box that lets us monitor possible mail thieves.-Dan, Gresham, OR

The mail here is so bad you don't know when it's coming. 10 am one day and 5:30 pm the next. We also have mail theft. This Mail Chime is GREAT, now when the light comes on I go get the mail. Thanks.
-Joseph, Amarillo, TX

This product has worked as advertised. Setup took 5 min. and has not failed to date. When I tell people about the Mail Chime their first reaction is I'm nuts. Then you can see the wheels slowly begin to turn. Oh Ya. Think I may have sold a few for you. The volume control is a big plus. Cats freaked out for a while. Works well here because my shop is in the back yard so when I come in the back door all I have to do is glance at the unit or the look on my cat's face!!!!! Great product, wish I had thought of it. Thanks.
-Dave, Panton, VT

Installation was a no brainer! So easy and fast to set up. I mostly wanted this not just to be alerted when my mail comes, but because we were having problems with someone putting stuff in our mailbox, such as half eaten apples, rocks, trash, etc. I'm sure it's mostly kids just playing around, but this way I can catch them in the act if it happens again. It is also very nice to know when the mail arrives, as our mail is delivered at all different times of the day. No more running out in the rain 3 or 4 times checking if the mail has been delivered yet. I am very happy with this product and wish I knew about it long ago!-Pat, Florissant, MO

Easy to install, and is totally reliable. We have a long, steep drive, and mailbox is invisible from the house, so this is a great piece of equipment to have.-David, West Lafayette, IN

This is just awesome! It has saved me time and peace of mind. I have a long driveway and in Winter with snow and ice just one trip to the mailbox is a dangerous challenge. Now no matter were I am in the house or what I might be doing I know when the mail has arrived and can make but one trip out there to get it, not four. I get a lot of checks in the mail and don't want them sitting out there for hours. Now I know when they arrive and out I go to get them. Highly recommend this product.-Patricia, Kalispell, MT

I am an employee of a company that has a mailbox about 300 feet from my office. I had been walking back and forth sometimes 5 times a day to check if the mail had been delivered in wind, rain and snow. Since we have had our Mail Chime installed I never have to worry when the mail has been delivered. Not only is it convenient, it is durable. Last week our mailbox was run over and destroyed by a hit and run driver and my first thought was, "How is my Mail Chime?" Not a scratch on it and it has been installed in our new mailbox and works perfectly. GREAT product. It has changed how I feel about having to get the mail each day. I might get one for my mother in law as well as myself. Thanks for such a great product!
-Cathy, Jamesville, NY

It was easy to install and works great. Because our mail comes at different times each day, this device has eliminated the many false trips to the mailbox. For my wife, it rapidly moved from being "his latest toy" to "our mail notifier."-Al, Webster, MA

I just love this Mail Chime. I live on a County Road and my mail box is at the curb and very far away. This mail chime works like a CHAMP. I love it!-Julie, Burleson, TX

I bought this product for my elderly dad. He would have to make several trips a day to the mailbox to see if his mail had been delivered. This product saves him all of those wasted trips. It works great and he loves it. The perfect gift!!-Terrie, Springfield, MO

My 86-year-old father, whose mail box is down a short gravel road, loves this new device. All his neighbors have been asking for more information about this handy device. It works perfectly!-Mary, Vacaville, CA

I give your Mail Chime a five star rating in all respects: low price, easy installation, and a real enjoyable convenience, because it saves those extra trips to the mail box during our extremely hot Arizona summer days.-Roy, Sun City West, AZ

Amazing! Volume control is perfect depending on placement. Loud setting lets you keep the chime by the front door and it can be heard like a doorbell through out the house. Kept in the bedroom or by the desk, the quiet setting won't startle you. The sound can even be turned off and the red light will still light up indicating mail has arrived. The motion sensor part attaches without tools by a self stick adhesive tape. It's been in use for weeks now and it's a VERY secure bond. One of those products that you'll never regret having.-Ho, Wayne, NJ

I love it. I am 82 years old and the last thing I need are unnecessary trips to the mail box, even though I take my golf cart. In the winter time I feel I will really appreciate it. I have 2 neighbors also interested.
-Billie, Waterford, MI

Brilliant! Works better than I had hoped.-Rory, Tucson, AZ