Mail Chime Mailbox Notification System


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With MAIL CHIME, you’ll know immediately when your mail has arrived.
Simply mount the Sensor on your mailbox door using double-sided tape (included) and plug the Receiver into an electrical outlet anywhere in your home.
When your mailbox is opened, the Receiver will beep four times to tell you that you have mail. It will also light up a bright red LED bulb that you’ll be sure to see, in case you didn’t hear the beeps.

  • Works up to 350 feet
  • Has volume control
  • Everything you need is included
  • Easy to install – no wiring required
  • FCC approved
  • Acts as a security device to prevent stolen mail
  • Not for use on extra-large metal curbside, aluminum, or locking mailboxes. Also not for cluster-type mailboxes with vertical hinges.

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