Mail Chime Mailbox Notification System

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With MAIL CHIME, you’ll know immediately when your mail has arrived.
Simply mount the Sensor on your mailbox door using double-sided tape (included) and plug the Receiver into an electrical outlet anywhere in your home.
When your mailbox is opened, the Receiver will beep four times to tell you that you have mail. It will also light up a bright red LED bulb that you’ll be sure to see, in case you didn’t hear the beeps.

  • Works up to 350 feet
  • Has volume control
  • Everything you need is included
  • Easy to install – no wiring required
  • FCC approved
  • Acts as a security device to prevent stolen mail
  • Not for use on extra-large metal curbside, aluminum, or locking mailboxes. Also not for cluster-type mailboxes with vertical hinges.


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164 reviews for Mail Chime Mailbox Notification System

  1. rudela_97 (verified owner)

    Saves countless steps going to the mail box just to see if the mail came in.

  2. marknedor (verified owner)



  3. judygrier (verified owner)

    This was a gift and the recipient is very pleased. It replaced an old model. She is particularly pleased with the volume control and choice of sounds.

  4. barba_pizu

    Great Product-This mail alert has definitely made my life easier. My mail delivery is never at the same time so now I don’t have to walk out to the box several times in all kinds of weather. I have set the alarm loud enough to hear anywhere in the house and if I somehow fail to hear it the red light will let me know I have mail. I love it.

  5. y.cuydc.rcico8fi4 (verified owner)

    It works and was delivered overnight. The only thing is that I had to use heavy tape to secure inside the box, as the mailman separated the two pieces. He is probably too rough but it works that way.

  6. breme_9838 (verified owner)

    It does not work.

  7. kingranchstore (verified owner)

    Product works like it supposed to. Love it. No more running to the mail box to figure out if he came or not.

  8. domog-joh (verified owner)

    easy to install

  9. jjlee37 (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly right out of the box. Now I don’t have to keep going to the door to see if the mail has been delivered. When I hear the chime, I know that the mailbox has been opened.

  10. bojaqu0 (verified owner)

    Works just as described!

  11. helenfairytaledolls (verified owner)

    Know exactly when your mail arrives. No more watching and waiting. When it chimes, your mail is here.

  12. rdin6690 (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful product. Saves me from having to walk down my long driveway several times a day to see if the mail has been delivered. It has been so helpful.

  13. kareengel0 (verified owner)

    Wow, what a great item. No more running to the mail box 4-5 times to see if mail came.

  14. harsuc_56 (verified owner)

    Just what I wanted

  15. hegor-69 (verified owner)

    So pleased with the product. Would recommend it to everyone.

  16. patton5276 (verified owner)

    This was not my 1st warning alarm device. I had the exact same one for 12 years.. .. Recently, it gave up the ghost and did not work any more. I cannot see my mailbox from my home. I did not hesitate to order another device. This has been my savior from walking down the driveway to it in rain or crummy weather to find NO MAIL YET! Open the door , light goes on in house. It also has an audible alert sound if you care to turn it on. I highly recommend having one. Easy to install too.

  17. donalwhit-28 (verified owner)

    awesome product

  18. my57cupcakes (verified owner)

    It took a little effort to calibrate the chime to work but as soon as we mastered it, it has worked perfectly every time! We were replacing an older, identical chime that worked sometimes only. Small cars & people would set it off but as soon as our carrier got a tall, huge vehicle it stopped working when she delivered. This new one works absolutely every time, no matter who delivers. In this age of mail thieves, this is a wonderful device to help safeguard deliveries

  19. bambam5483 (verified owner)

    It is difficult for me to walk my long driveway, especially when I make several trips to the mailbox for nothing. Now, I just wait until my little red light goes on. Then I go get my mail. Just that simple and easy. My mail is there. Just wish I had known about this product years ago.

  20. latenightshopperlebanon (verified owner)

    A great device to alert the home owner that the mailbox door has been opened. Good quality and highly recommended A+++++

  21. skinkers (verified owner)

    We had a package stolen from our mailbox so we wanted something that would alert us 1) when the mail carrier had come so we could immediately retrieve it and 2) when anyone else might be rummaging in our mailbox. It does exactly what it was intended to do. I’d have given it five stars, but the alarm noise is not remotely like a chime. It’s an annoying buzzing noise. Still really glad I bought it, but they could have chosen a more pleasing sound.

  22. skinkers (verified owner)

    We had a package stolen from our mailbox so we wanted something that would alert us 1) when the mail carrier had come so we could immediately retrieve it and 2) when anyone else might be rummaging in our mailbox. It does exactly what it was intended to do. I’d have given it five stars, but the alarm noise is not remotely like a chime. It’s an annoying buzzing noise. Still really glad I bought it, but they could have chosen a more pleasing sound.

  23. getserious! (verified owner)

    Item does what it is supposed to do.

  24. j.holland882011 (verified owner)

    much better than i expected

  25. labellaclassic (verified owner)

    We are extremely Satisfied with our New Chime. I find it very convenient to know exactly when our mail arrives. I would recommend it to every home owner.

  26. bernadette8166 (verified owner)

    I have a very long driveway and have to go to get the mail. I am a senior citizen and hate when I get to the box and the mail hasen’t arrived yet. The mail chimer is the greatest thing. As soon as the box door is opened it chimes 4 times and the red light comes on to let me know the mail is in. Just love this product.

  27. reliable2015 (verified owner)

    Awesome product! My husband no longer has to go out to the street to see if the mail has arrived yet. The way it works is ingenious.

  28. chymeraopale (verified owner)

    Works as advertised. Saves useless trips to the mailbox.

  29. fireman2204 (verified owner)

    It works really well

  30. snowman6469 (verified owner)

    I think this is the best thing since slice bread. lol I love not having to guess if I have gotten my mail yet.
    This device is so helpful and notifies me immediately when the mail arrives.
    If you have to leave your house to get your mail, this is a must get item.

  31. bellyscales

    This is one of the best things (as in actually works and saves time and effort as advertised) we have ever purchased! Our mail comes late – like 5-7+ in the evening, but we never know when, so we have often made several trips to check on the mail. And if we don’t get any mail that day, we still make the trips but have no idea if we will get mail. So, no more wondering! This setup works perfectly with a good range and it is so easy to set up! So, buy it! (Unless you are trying to lose a few pounds and find the exercise helpful.)

  32. mistacole (verified owner)

    Works like a charm. No more wasted trips to find an empty mailbox!

  33. arniethesub022 (verified owner)

    It does exactly what it’s suppose to do.

  34. usnjimbo (verified owner)

    I was worried when I received the shipment. The box had absolutely no packing material and the product pieces were shifting freely in the box. But…. It appears to work nicely for the last couple of days.

  35. captnick (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  36. bigfritz2002 (verified owner)

    No more useless trips out to the street to see if the mail has been delivered

  37. ga-rah (verified owner)

    This produce works great and will save me lots of trips to the mail box!

  38. lilulu9999 (verified owner)

    Is great no more guessing if the mail is in. Just like thing on the Addams Family

  39. huntersmachine (verified owner)

    worked for 3 days and then quit

  40. mawer_15 (verified owner)

    Bought to replace 16 year old unit that had been iffy for last 2 years. Plug and play- that easy. Have no doubt that this will last. Love the volume control, crank it up and can hear it in every room.

  41. dave21042 (verified owner)

    Had another brand in the past but this one seems more durable. So far (about 1 month) it has worked very well.

  42. raft (verified owner)

    Easy setup, works great. Don’t have to go out to the mailbox several times a day anymore.

  43. bones1 (verified owner)

    It works great! Saves repeated trips to mailbox.

  44. guanahani32 (verified owner)

    No more running out in the rain, snow or dark only to discover the mail hasn’t arrived yet! Always knowing if some curious little neighborhood kid or an unauthorized adult is opening the mailbox (providing you’re at home, obviously). No brainer installation and operation. We absolutely love it and anyone who hears our alert wants to have the alarm too. Great idea, great product. Thank you!

  45. rottyduo (verified owner)

    So far so good. I really needed this and am glad I have found it.

  46. debbiefaddis (verified owner)

    Awesome sauce?? I was using a driveway alert system. But I still didn’t know if the mail had been delivered when I didn’t hear the alarm. So this is great for that. And the alarm is not as envasive as the oh-so-loud driveway alarm. This is exactly as the product was listed. I love it??

  47. mpf_3288 (verified owner)

    Easy to set up and use

  48. johspome (verified owner)


  49. mo-226322 (verified owner)

    Works from first try, no need to relocate receiver. Weak point could be the two-sided tape, so far so good. I did clean with alcohol and installed high on mailbox. Not required but wanted it right with best chance of no problems.

  50. jamebranno7 (verified owner)

    This is our second purchase. We liked it so much, we purchased one for our neighbor.

  51. ketom2 (verified owner)

    This is fabulous! We have curb side delivery, and while the mailbox isn’t that far away, it is nice not to have to make a unnecessary trip in the pouring rain. Plus we have had a rash of mail thefts in the area. Now there is no doubt when the mail has arrived. The only minor complaint is, even with the volume turned to the lowest setting, it is still audible from anywhere in the house. Regardless, I love it!.

  52. bilw_us_krwdih (verified owner)

    Only had it a day since the request for review came in. It was easy enough to set up and works fine so far.

  53. norbar7802 (verified owner)

    My mail is delivered anytime between noon and seven pm so this saves trips to the ,mailbox.

    First one lasted two years before it quit working,

    I purchased another for me and two for gifts.

  54. steveglinsk0 (verified owner)

    Works, so far, as advertised

  55. michaela3846 (verified owner)

    Have been using the mail box alert about a week now. Our mail delivery time has been very irregular, sometimes arriving after dark which often required several trips across a busy street to the mail box. Now the mail box alert allows only one trip.

  56. sth170 (verified owner)

    This Alert Mail device is Great! Our mail carrier comes a many varied times, so this saves me walking 200′ to my mail box. I like the adjustable volume control on the alarm and the red light alert as well.

  57. yeoman58 (verified owner)

    I wish it was waterproof, as I had to mount it outside my large metal mailbox. I covered it with plastic for now until I can find a suitable plastic box for it. It doesn’t always alert the receiver, but it does work most of the time. My mailbox is about 180 to 200 feet away from the reciver, but it’s supposed to work to over 400′. My mailbox is too far away to see any flag style alerts, because of shrubbery that’s in the way. For the few times that it doesn’t work, I still like it. Our mail doesn’t come at the same time every day, so it’s nice to not have to walk to where I can see the mailbox, especially in bad weather.

  58. yeoman58 (verified owner)

    I wish it was waterproof, as I had to mount it outside my large metal mailbox. I covered it with plastic for now until I can find a suitable plastic box for it. It doesn’t always alert the receiver, but it does work most of the time. My mailbox is about 180 to 200 feet away from the reciver, but it’s supposed to work to over 400′. My mailbox is too far away to see any flag style alerts, because of shrubbery that’s in the way. For the few times that it doesn’t work, I still like it. Our mail doesn’t come at the same time every day, so it’s nice to not have to walk to where I can see the mailbox, especially in bad weather.

  59. moogala2 (verified owner)

    It works off and on. Unless your mail box door pulls down, not sideways, it will not work properly.

  60. melhe_9136 (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful product for my elderly mother. No more wasted trips to the mailbox.

  61. hortreh-0 (verified owner)

    Some time it does not function properly. Depends the amount of mail that is deliver in the mail box. I will continue checking this function and I will give it a second review.

  62. jperzynski6821 (verified owner)

    I used to have another one of these, it lasted for about 8 years, thison is not as effictive, but it works

  63. germus69 (verified owner)

    No comments

  64. luvsdawgs (verified owner)

    With the way the postal service is so slow and off-schedule nowadays, this alarm keeps us from going to the mailbox for nothing! Only problem we had was the adhesive that stuck the alarm to the mailbox needed to be replaced…no biggie. The alarm itself has worked 100%! Glad we bought this!

  65. mcdo-653566 (verified owner)

    Works good. It is about 100 feet distance .

  66. mcdow-delor (verified owner)

    It works really great. It’s easy to install and saves unnecessary trips to the mailbox. Recently I received mail twice on a Sunday and had it not been for Mail Chime I would not have even gone to the box on a Sunday.

  67. chuck14607 (verified owner)

    It worked the distance that I need, even thru a couple of trees. I have a large heavy steel locking mailbox ,which I knew could be a problem. So I ended up mounting the sender on the back of the mailbox, on a hinge and block of wood and attached it to the front door of the mailbox with a small wire rope. Then enclosed the sender inside a plastic ice cream container. It works great !!!!!!

  68. dang-old-boomhower (verified owner)

    Easy to install, very impressed with the range. Nice feature is you can turn the sound up, down or completely off, the light stays on until you hit reset. Sharp little unit.

  69. dukefishing (verified owner)

    sturdy built works great as promised. Everything you need in the box for mail notification.

  70. cookster693 (verified owner)

    Mailman shows up at all different hours so this is great. I don’t have to make multiple walks to mailbox.

  71. luther-08 (verified owner)

    works great

  72. orion7711 (verified owner)

    Installed in minutes and is working great.

  73. hako-9928 (verified owner)

    We are 160 feet from our Rural Mailbox. The signal received is strong and reliable.

  74. innxss (verified owner)

    Well made, perfect out of the box, clear instructions, and functions perfectly.

  75. whittymantroy (verified owner)

    It is amazing. I dont have to go out to my mailbox to check if I have mail.

  76. 1620tds (verified owner)

    Mailbox alarm worked for approximately one week and stopped working.
    Product information identifies range of operation up to 300 feet in line of site.
    My house to mailbox distance is 250 feet in line of site.
    Alert worked great for one week and stopped functioning.

  77. bmcgann227 (verified owner)

    This is my second one. Our mail delivery can come anywhere from 1:00 in afternoon to 8:00 at night. I got tired of going to the box and finding it empty. This works!

  78. 369jo1145_astqodvglt (verified owner)

    Good product worke’s good i love it i would buy again

  79. wwinut (verified owner)

    good product works great

  80. lemmeondammit (verified owner)

    Does as it claims. Easy install.

  81. pw61 (verified owner)

    I bought this for my parents, and it was easy to set up. It works great. One tip is to press the reset button after you get back inside your house with the mail. Otherwise if you push reset before going out to get your mail then the red light comes back on again, and you’ll need to reset it a second time.

  82. david38329 (verified owner)

    works just as stated

  83. sand9732 (verified owner)

    Easy installation.

  84. ejhare2hwy (verified owner)

    Installing the battery is a little tricky, but after you get that done you will be pleased with this product.

    It fits nicely on the mailbox as described and works just as expected. Really appreciate the adjustable volume and the straightforward operation of this product. It has saved me countless trips to the mailbox and assures me every day that no one is messing with my mail.

  85. momdrst (verified owner)

    We mounted it on our mailbox door, properly. It works sometime. Not dependable. It hasn’t yet worked when the mailman delivers the mail. I can usually make it work by being rough and jerking the mailbox door.

  86. denni_moone (verified owner)

    mailbox 170 feet away in a brick mailbox housing. Work great.

  87. dotcar35 (verified owner)

    One of my best purchases! I purchased this item because I could never tell when the mail was delivered and at 86 years old that’s quite a bit of energy expelled to head out to the mailbox to only discover the mail has not been delivered! Once my son installed the Mailbox alert I couldn’t believe how quickly he installed it and then how terrific it worked. He completed the install in all of 15 minutes just before the mail was delivered so I could see how it worked! Once the mailbox door is opened a red light and alarm go off in the house which indicates that I have mail. Once I retrieve my mail, I simply push the black reset button and I’m ready for tomorrow!.I love this device. Thank you.

  88. bilbyer_0 (verified owner)

    Really like the mail box alert. It works as expected alerting me when mail has arrived.

  89. dld994 (verified owner)

    Works on a 150 foot driveway. Long lasting battery.

  90. bzeky13 (verified owner)

    Works perfectly, announcing whenever someone opens my mail box.

  91. tgscd145 (verified owner)

    This is a great product. My mailbox is about 150 feet away and it works great. My mail arrives all times of the day and the Mail Chime saves me needless trips to my mailbox. Very easy to install.

  92. drys6569 (verified owner)

    Works perfectly.
    Lights up and chimes. If we are not home when it chimes, we can see the light when we return.
    I highly recommend.

  93. trixiehaven (verified owner)

    I bought two other mail alerts before this one and neither of the other alerts would transmit through a metal mail mailbox about 60 feet from the house.

    This one worked the first time I tried it and has worked perfectly. The only complaint I have is the alert chime on the unit is very high pitched and drove our can nuts when it chimed. It does has a volume and off control so had to turn the sound off and check the light that goes on, light stays on after the mailbox door has been opened. The light goes off with the reset button on the inside receiver unit.

  94. rehfus123 (verified owner)

    This is a great product! Works very well and easy to install……

  95. kssplice (verified owner)

    This has saved me so much time by not having to walk all the way down my long driveway on No Mail days is GREAT!! I had no problems getting it all set up and ready to go. If your thinking about it I say go for it you will not regret it (leastways that’s my thought)

  96. ptvid (verified owner)

    Easy to setup and install. This is a second unit purchased as a gift. Our first unit has been performing reliably for over a year. No wasted trips to the mail box.

  97. jws3221 (verified owner)

    Works well to alert you when your mailbox has been opened. The transmission range is outstanding. If you find the range is not far enough, change out the battery with a new one.

  98. cj927 (verified owner)

    This is one of the greatest devices I have ever owned. No more walking to the mailbox and find out that the mail hasnt come yet. It lets you know when the mil has come with a beep and a red light.

  99. ydaep2up (verified owner)

    Easy to install, quick set-up and is working great Not sure how long the battery will last outside, but ==ok

  100. rivj_r_ymw3yywfyz (verified owner)

    Could use a more pleasant sound, I have high frequency hearing loss so I can’t hear it unless turned way up, then it sends wifey thru the roof.
    It works excellently, I recomend it.

  101. bluedee102643 (verified owner)

    This is a must have! Has kept me from going to the mailbox only to get inside and the mail comes! I purchased Two for my neighbors and they are so grateful. Highly recommend. So easy to install.

  102. colemflowe (verified owner)

    Works most of time. Mail person has to open door completely

  103. 4570forever (verified owner)

    So far works as described. We like ir.

  104. 4badlandsbro (verified owner)

    This works awesome from my mail box about 200 feet away. Has a volume control on the 4 peep alarm and then a visual LED on the receiver that comes on and stays on until you cancel it.

  105. jawalters (verified owner)

    Simple operation. Well designed. Should be a manufacturer’s option for all mailboxes.

  106. dogood92 (verified owner)

    Been sending a signal each day since I installed it

  107. ssssss552013 (verified owner)

    works real well, thought of coming up
    with something like for a long time

  108. guill0_gar (verified owner)


  109. patricistrok0 (verified owner)

    This is my second one. First one lasted 5 years with battery changes

  110. lopsided11 (verified owner)

    I received it, but did not install it yet.

  111. emco-647 (verified owner)

    My mail comes at various times in the pm and is modest WA!ok to my mail box. Mail chime makes getting the mail easier??

  112. bhayashi (verified owner)

    Replaced one I had been using for several years. This looks the same but hasn’t missed a beat. Best to have the receiver line-of-sight for receiving the signal.

  113. coxinstalls (verified owner)

    Wish there was a way to mount the receiver on inside of outer wall like that t6he light remains lit until reset! So far so good!!

  114. jimmyisfishing (verified owner)

    Chimes, light come on and stays on until reset – in case you were not around when it chimed.

  115. sp4stephi (verified owner)

    Great item my mom loves it great price

  116. toruthe79 (verified owner)

    No more guessing when your mail come .pretty easy to use

  117. phileth2007 (verified owner)

    Have used this for a few weeks on my curbside mail box approx. 100 feet from house. It has worked each and every time that it has been opened.

  118. dennistoomey (verified owner)

    Good quality. Mail box to house is about 75′ and it works flawlessly. Allows my elderly parents to make just one trip to mailbox along a busy street. My wife liked it too, so I bought a second one for her at our home.

  119. maelo-52 (verified owner)

    love love it our mailman sometimes come as late as 8;30pm my husband would go out three of more times to get the mail no he only go when he here the buzz go off, thanks,

  120. panair1950 (verified owner)

    Seems to be well made and it works well.

  121. antond-89 (verified owner)

    It lets you know if you have mail. No wasted trips for nothing.

  122. mcmin-jame (verified owner)

    Time Saver…

  123. cgwoll (verified owner)

    Had one for about 3 years. Failed! Replaced with a new one after replacing the battery and attempted re-sync.
    I would not be without my mail chime. Love knowing if I have mail without a long uphill walk to the mailbox.

  124. nakil-963 (verified owner)

    Originally purchased this product in 2010 and after 11 years it wore out so we purchased another. We also had on at our business in the late 90’s early 2000’s and really liked it. Not our first Rodeo with this product.

  125. glammergal (verified owner)

    No more wondering if the mailman has come! Works like a charm. Highly recommend it.

  126. jackffff (verified owner)

    Outstanding price and immediate shipping.

  127. cd2161 (verified owner)

    Was Simple to setup and work’s well. Was just what I needed for my Mailbox, No more going out to look and see if I have Mail it let’s me know when it arrives and I just go out and get it.

  128. cbs19512006 (verified owner)

    Works well. Good value

  129. tom_mot_5lrzahc (verified owner)

    This replaced my last one that only lasted about 2 years. Same brand and model

  130. tpa_pt_h2uytg (verified owner)


  131. rosenzlr (verified owner)

    works fine!

  132. charkoontz (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd one, the other was several years old & cat ate the antenna. But I love it, saves multiple trips out to our mailbox and that is great when its too hot or bad weather. I know exactly when the mailman comes & puts mail in the box.

  133. docstrazz2013 (verified owner)

    The mail box Alert works very well, saving unnecessary trip to check if the mail did indeed come or if there was anything to be delivered . It came in a very reasonable time securely packaged, was very easy to install, and instructions adequate. It remains to be seen as to its function in extreme cold, and longevity but can see no reason why it would be otherwise.

  134. jazzerback49 (verified owner)

    This is not the first time I bought this product. It is an awesome product, works like a charm and would not be without one. My mail is not delivered the same time every day so this is the only way for me not to check the mailbox several times a day. The velcro and glue strip do not work for me. I live in Arizona and before my husband passed away he made a wooden box for the sensor and screwed it to the front of the mailbox on the inside of the pull down lid. That is the only way to keep the sensor from coming lose or sliding around. The battery lasts a long time ( a couple years), but, when I finally replaced it it didn’t work that’s why I panicked and bought another one, then realized all I had to do was reset it so now I have a replacement if the first one doesn’t work anymore.

  135. cmcash2010 (verified owner)

    i bought 2 neither one work. Junk

  136. robfis-9052 (verified owner)

    works good but had to reconfigure good instructions.

  137. larry401-us (verified owner)

    Works great ! No more needless walks to the mailbox ??

  138. blancett-54 (verified owner)


  139. 48-54 (verified owner)

    I have had this for less than 2 months and it quit
    working already.

  140. dencon-79 (verified owner)

    product does not work

  141. johtom_5 (verified owner)

    After using 1 week >>Easy startup, well made, easy installation, very useful.
    Like it very much. Transmits about 200 feet. I recommend.

  142. casinoshorty (verified owner)

    Great technology. Saves trips to empty mail box. It is too sensitive. Vibrations set off false alarm.

  143. bj79759 (verified owner)

    Works just like the instructions. Put battery in black case and stick inside mailbox cover. I put two small pieces of black duct tape on either side to help hold in place. I have a regular metal mailbox. It sits across the street. The white home box is in the center of my house. The volume has a wide range so you can set at your level. There are 4 buzzes not chimes. The light comes on and stays on until you push the button to turn it off. It did go off once after the mail delivered. The lady across the street was mowing and must have hit the post. But how often does that happen? I LOVE knowing exactly when my mail comes especially going into winter. Wish I had known about this sooner. Great product!

  144. dma-bir-o9s1obdizk (verified owner)

    Recevied and it was defective and it looked used.

  145. jimsstore9133 (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful product it lets me know the minute my mail has come I get small packages sometimes I have had things stolen before so now I know the minute someone opens my mailbox lid. I would order again if the need arises I give this product 5+ stars.

  146. rgb2724 (verified owner)

    Love it!

  147. countryfoxcollection (verified owner)

    I love this! My mailbox is down my long driveway and across the street behind hedges. Knowing that the mail has arrived, especially in bad weather is wonderful. I won’t be without one now and this one works great!

  148. floyddy (verified owner)


  149. mawdo25

    This is a great product.!! It received mostly good reviews–that is what sold me on it. My mailbox is all metal. The Transmitter is secured to the door with provided Scotch VHB tape strip. Make sure to clean the surface with alcohol before you mount it to the mailbox. I have the alarm unit placed in my house approximately 100ft away from the mailbox. It works perfectly. The only downside is that the transmitter uses an A23 battery which is not readily available as a standard 9V type. I realize that the engineers probably chose the A23 because it is rated at 12V which provides a stronger signal. I went ahead and ordered an extra just to keep on hand. I only have had the alarm for a week– so far, I think it is WONDERFUL!!

  150. peterwyz (verified owner)

    Works over a long distance, much better than the other one from a different company. Easy to install. The adjustable volume of the alarm is nice.

  151. afclark09 (verified owner)

    How convenient, works excellent ?????

  152. arro2370.dl3wvbz1u (verified owner)

    The Mailbox Alert Mail Chime works perfectly. I don’t go outside and waste my time wondering if the mailman arrived. Works like a charm.

  153. kameranz (verified owner)

    Best alert ?? save my life because mailbox walk so easy pick up without wait.

  154. kampe_793 (verified owner)

    Saves a lot of trips to the mailbox.

  155. gsch5362 (verified owner)

    Worked with my metal box at about 100 ft. Wish vol control would go lower.

  156. williamg1041 (verified owner)

    Works great at range of about 60 feet. At the other end of the house about 100 feet could not get signal.

  157. mrvette (verified owner)

    great device

  158. runaway1956.4 (verified owner)

    The advertised range is for an open unobstructed area. The signal will not penetrate metallic siding, or possibly metal frame structures. If you can locate your chime at a window, in line of sight of your mailbox, fine. Otherwise, you will need to expose the antenna outdoors, where the signal will reach the receiver. I drilled a 3/16″ hole through an exterior wall, poked the antenna through, then caulked outside, and used a rubber grommet inside to disguise the hole. A little planning is essential here! BE SAFE! Don’t drill through wiring or plumbing!

  159. ja_wwoo_2uehns (verified owner)

    My mail box is located 60 feet from my home. Before owning the Mail Chime one timeI had my mail stolen ! Now I can retrieve it as soon as the mailman delivers. I’ve used this product for about eight years prior. Ordering the same once again. Love it!

  160. norwinsk (verified owner)

    It works great.

  161. larrfor-310 (verified owner)


  162. thirstyjerry (verified owner)

    Slicker than snail snot on ceramic !

  163. greenacre424 (verified owner)

    Neighbor has one. Recommended it. Will be really great this winter not going out to an empty mailbox.


    I bought one 3+ years ago, LOVE IT!, got 1 for my elderly neighbor she LOVES IT, and now got 1 for my ageing brother, which LOVES IT!

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